A Dwelling.

Pacific Palisades, California

Fall 2014


Program: kitchen, living, master bedroom, three bathrooms, art studio, courtyards, reflecting pooland gardens.

                The program for the dwelling began with a very simple story of a man and wife. It started by creating a hypothetical list of what a client's needs might be, and imagining what age, personality, and character this client had.  The project stands by the aim that a dwelling should act as a synthesis of the client’s needs and the vision of an architect for that client and for the site.

While one partner requires the existence of specific interior spaces to focus on her art work., the other requires the existence of specific exterior spaces in which he can garden, or simply be immersed by the natural landscape. Both, though, need spaces in which they can come together with friends and family, and feel the presence of people in their surroundings. The dwelling will not only be a product of the client’s needs, but will be a thesis on the specific feelings and emotions that come with a middle-aged couple. How might this dwelling speak to the needs of two people who now after 30 years of raising children are alone together once again? How might the dwelling produce spaces that stimulate the mind, rather than creating a “vacation home,” the way retirement plans suggest? How can this dwelling give the clients what each of them needs, rather than a classic suburban home that is designed for people who are raising children? How might the dwelling allow each individual his or her own privacy while still suggesting togetherness? How might it help draw memories of the past while speaking to the clients’ specific needs as they grow older?

                  Both partners have now seemingly returned to what makes each of them individually happy. Yet, both also have a common thread. They love spending time entertaining guests and meeting with friends or family. They have built strong connections in their lifetime together, and live for days when they entertain guests.


Site Plan


Preliminary cross section


Preliminary  long section


Developed cross section


Developed long section


Courtyard view


Floor 01, entry level

Floor -02 (minus two), kitchen, living level


Entry view

Courtyard + Art Studio view


Floor -03 (minus three), bedroom level

Floor -04 (minus four), studio, courtyard level


Process Sketches

Final Model, Process Photo