Tokyo Fashion Institute and Pop-up

Tokyo, Japan

Summer 2014

Omotesando Incubator is a space in which dynamic interaction occurs between young, up and coming fashion designers and high-end fashion leaders in the fashion world. Just offset from Tokyo’s infamous Omotesando Street, the building is placed in the backstreets of the city’s fashion district, providing a counterbalance to the high end fashion stores on Omotesando. The split in the building divides two forms of program and allows for pedestrian travel through the building. Tourists, and Tokyo fashion enthusiasts alike may wander through the designated path and slip into the building, or simply experience the heightened interstitial space that is iconic of Tokyo’s urban landscape. Like the tension between high fashion and street fashion that exists in the industry, and especially in the culture of Tokyo, the space provides both a tension between two parts, and a sense of escape through the building. The program for the building includes open studios,lecture rooms, dormitories, pop-up shops,  screen print lab,  3D print lab, sample library, runways, lounge. The west side of the building consists mainly of studio spaces, as well as workshop spaces and specific laboratories for the development of fashion designs and merchandise.

Site Plan


Concept Models


Carefully spaced conceptual “display cases,” are extruded through the main floor slabs and each contain their own levels that ‘float’ between the existing main floors. The curved form of the main floor slabs then allows for a dynamic spatial experience specifically on the floors intended for the public to enter and view the process of the work being done. The formation of the display case divides specific programs as well as heightens the experience of the interstitial space sectionally. The east side of the wing consists of dormitories intended for the stay of young fashion designers and entrepreneurs. The facade of the dormitories is a display of the occupant’s closets, and also acts as small spaces for the use of pop-up shops. 


Ground Floor Interior

Third Floor Workshop Space


First Floor Plan

dormitories on west facade, studios, runway platforms, classrooms, courtyard

Third Floor Plan

workshop  space,  screen print lab, 3D print lab, classrooms, and open studios.


Rendered Long Section